Shares on offer from 20th March 2016, Call for more details (00268) 76041333
Empowerment for Africa

The developer invites suitable, willing investors to invest in the various projects within Mmeleli Eco City.

1. Angel investor needed to invest £1 million (pounds sterling).

2. The bulk infrastructure / civil works (Turnkey solution).

3. Houses / building contractors needed (limited to three contractors).

4. Equity partner needed to set up a local block yard to manufacture all concrete products needed in the construction of Mmeleli Eco City.

5. Equity partner needed to set up a building material (hardware) supply company to supply local contractors on site and neighboring community, with the prospect of opening branches nationwide.

6. Equity partner in a five star wellness resort venture. 

7. Equity partner in a seven star wellness resort venture.

8. Reputable time share broker.

9. Equity partner in alternative energy plants.

10. Equity partner in four private semi-technical international schools.

11. Equity partnership in university building.

12. Equity partner in multi-brand auto dealership.

13. Equity partner in motorsport, racing and advance driving facility.

14. Equity partners in cosmetic surgery, hospital and general health care.

15. Equity partnership in other areas of development. Investors may propose.

16. Equity partner in future mall development.




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