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This project is a result of a childhood dream of Esq. Mmeleli M.P. Dlamini, To establish a township as a benchmark development. This project is driven not only by passion, but a niche has been realized in the local and international market where people desire the services which this project makes possible.



The Chairman of Mmeleli Estates (Pty) Ltd has a long term vision to establish a new self sustaining human settlement, in the Hawane area, South East Africa.

It shall be the first complete development to be eco-friendly and green while qualifying for first world status in quality, infrastructure, lifestyle, services and efficiency.

The human settlement shall become a benchmark in real estate development in Swaziland and the surrounding region.

The Developer is very proud that this project is going to positively affect the lives of millions of people in the country and region. It will create many opportunities such as job creation, wealth creation, high quality education standards, tourism, nature conservation and local community empowerment.


The Chairman has set a clear goal to develop a world class human settlement, that is not just eco-friendly and green but also the first total human settlement in Africa that is truly modern green and self sustainable it shall be attainable to those aspiring to live in a 21st century rustic city.

The project shall remain ambitious, yet very practical when implemented according to the planned four phases as per our master plan.

The developer acknowledges the involvement of various stakeholders taking the lead in various projects within the master business plan.

Mmeleli Eco City shall be a show room for all future modern sustainable green human settlements in Africa.

"Realizing a childhood dream through passion, entrepreneurship and perseverance"



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